Exchange 2.0 – Connecting Youth Across Divides

Presented by: Claudia Maffettone, Soliya Inc.
Presented at: 6th International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education
Date of Session: June 15, 2013

Session Description: Over the last eight years, Soliya, an international non-profit organization, has developed an online cross-cultural education program, the Connect Program, enabling students at over 100 universities worldwide to experience meaningful intercultural dialogue and receive expert training in facilitation and conflict resolution. Over the course of a semester, students meet on a video*conferencing platform and engage in constructive conversations on a variety of issues around the relationship between the "West" and "Predominantly Muslim Societies" guided by 2 highly trained facilitators. The presentation will feature a comprehensive overview of the Connect Program and its results, information on participation and implementation, testimonials from professors and students, and sample activities and exercises.

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