Exploring Children’s Literature as a Vehicle for Improving Conflict Resolution Education

Presented by: Angela Backus, Renee Axiotis, Cynthia Symons, Kent State University
Presented at: 4th International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education
Date of Session: June 11, 2011

Session Description: In an effort to develop sound conflict resolution education, many educators fail to plan and implement learning experiences that build on the fundamental tenants of effective education curricula. Of particular importance, is the conflict resolution instruction designed for elementary and intermediate students. Educators are wise to invest time in preparing effective conflict resolution instruction for young learners. Fortunately, evidence-based guidelines, including the Health Education Curriculum Assessment Tool (HECAT), are available to assist with the development of sound learning experiences. In context of the characteristics of effective health education, attendees will examine the fundamental concepts of children’s literature in context of conflict resolution strategies. In addition, applied learning activities in this session will enable participants to analyze children’s literature as a means to improve conflict resolution instruction.