Peace Education for Peaceful and Harmonious co-existence in a multi-ethnic country – Kenya

Presented by: Caroline Owegi-Ndhlovu, Nairobi Peace Initiative – Africa
Presented at: 6th International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education
Date of Session: June 15, 2013

Session Description: Differences in Kenya, with close to 40 million people across 42 ethnic groups with different socio-cultural practices, have played a significant part in the conflicts in the country. This led to a greater need to establish systems and policies that can enhance cohesion in the country. Education in itself has not been a unifying factor of the different communities. The period between the 2007 general elections whose disputed presidential results led to violent conflict and later unrests in schools and the envisaged 2013 elections has seen several efforts to entrench Peace Education in both formal and non-formal education systems. Participants will discuss and compare initiatives/actions taken, challenges and success, as well as draw from participants possible best practices for the future from which many countries can benefit.