Preparing Tomorrow’s Peacemakers: Robots vs. Resumes

Presented by: Nina L. Talley, Director of Career Services, Wilmington College
Presented at: 13th International Conference on CRE, Columbus, OH
Date of Session: April 5, 2019

Session Description: Resume writing has changed drastically especially due to the rise of the digital revolution. The ways of writing resumes has revolutionized how job/career seekers are positioning themselves in the workplace. This interactive workshop teaches how to prepare a professional resume that reflects skills, knowledge, education and experiences that are relevant to the job students are seeking to pass through the scrutiny of the ATS systems (robots): • Identify the key components of the resume • Understand the importance of tailoring and targeting resume to the employer • Create and practice writing accomplishment statements that are the key to today’s resumes Participants will leave this workshop with a resume draft and the tools to be able to beat the robots, and get to the hiring authorities.

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