Sports, Games and Conflict Resolution Education (CRE): Strategies for Dialogue and Action

Presented by: Sherrill Hayes, Joseph Borawski, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Narayan Khadka, Senior Resources of Guilford
Presented at: 4th International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education
Date of Session: June 11, 2011

Session Description: This workshop will examine the potential of sports, live action role playing (LARP), and table top games as a mechanism to engage students in difficult topics through reflection on shared experiences and developing a shared narrative in a competitive, but semi-structured and non-threatening environment. An overview of existing theory and practice in this area and some case examples of projects and curricula developed for K-12 schools and refugee communities will be shared. Sports and gaming provide a unique enjoyable forum for children, youth, and young adults to practice and reflect on CRE and peace building skills.