Sustained Dialogue Campus Network (SDCN) Pilot at Tri-C

Presented by: Amy Lazarus, Sustained Dialogue Campus Network
Presented at: 4th International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education
Date of Session: June 10, 2011

Session Description: Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) students will share their experience with SD over the past semester. SD is a process of weekly meetings that provide students a forum for engaging with critical issues of intercultural communication, diversity, and other issues of social division. Through the process, relationships among students are transformed and strategies are developed to improve campus climate. Tri-C is the first community college to pilot SDCN. Students will highlight the training they received, personal insights experienced during the process, topics they addressed, and sample proposals submitted to the college to address these issues. Students will offer personal insights into lessons learned for community college application of SDCN.