USA: Policy Updates on Conflict Resolution Education and Social and Emotional Learning

Presented by: Jennifer Batton, Director, Global Issues Resource Center, Cuyahoga Community College, USA
Presented at: Sustainable Regional Education Efforts for Safer More Inclusive Communities Working Group, Heredia, Costa Rica
Date of Session: November 9 – 10, 2010

Session Description: This presentation provides an overview of some of the pending federal legislation in the U.S. related to conflict management and social and emotional learning, as well as a review of some of the capacity building efforts in teacher preparation in the U.S. and state-wide examples of infrastructure development in conflict management in education and non-formal education settings for youth. Examples of states in the U.S. with current legislation in conflict management are also noted. Some suggest teacher training, some integration into the curriculum standards, while others seek integration into the school mission and discipline policy.

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