Survey – Publications of Significance to Contemporary Peace Education

Peace Educator Betty Reardon has put out a call for nominations for recent publications of significance to peace education. The purpose of the survey is to take the first step toward identifying the major concepts and issues that form the substance of contemporary peace education, the commonalities and differences in current content and teaching-learning, its foundational philosophies, the social and political purpose it pursues and the educational goals and learning objectives of the practitioners, and the teaching/learning methods used to achieve the objectives.

You can get more details and contribute your nominations via an online form hosted by the Global Campaign for Peace Education. A word version of the nomination form is available here.

Pre-order 2011-2012 CRE Teacher Calendars

The 3rd Edition of our popular wall calendar for teachers and youth workers is being developed now. Promote conflict resolution skills in your learning communities with the full-color 28-page wall calendar covering the school year (August 2011 through July 2012). Each month includes a full page of activities and educator tips to promote conflict resolution. The calendar’s date grid highlights significant holidays, conflict resolution events and peacemaker birthdays. also provides a pdf smartboard-friendly version with live web-links leading to additional information, videos and learning modules.

This announcement flyer serves as your chance to help support conflict resolution in education, gift others in your organization, and promote your own related initiatives. A business card sized space is provided on the back cover of the calendar so donors can paste or stamp a label promoting your organization. Resale of this non-profit calendar is not permitted. Delivery of the print calendars is scheduled for the last week of July.

The cost for advance orders of the 28-page full-color calendars is as follows if you can commit by June 30, 2011.
$2.00 each (on pre-orders of 25 or fewer calendars);
$1.75 each (on pre-orders of 26-100);
$1.50 each (on pre-orders of 100+)

To get a better feel for the product, you can take a look at last year’s calendar online here.

sample from last year

Call for Submissions – Voice of Teachers journal special edition on Peace Education

Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to submit your research paper for possible inclusion in a special issue of the Voice of Teachers journal devoted to Peace Education. Peace education is the practice of teaching the knowledge, values, and skills necessary to promote peace at all levels, and we invite your submissions on any theme related to this topic.

The Voice of Teachers is an online, peer-reviewed journal designed to strengthen the fundamental connection between grassroots teacher professional development, world-class research, and big ideas. Overseen by a guest editor and a diverse group of peers, each issue addresses a theme of pressing importance to teachers. The Peace Education issue of the Voice of Teachers will be guest-edited by Toh Swee-Hin, a distinguished professor at the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica and UNESCO Peace Education Prize laureate (2000).

In keeping with the key peace education principles of embracing inclusivity, diversity and creativity, we encourage a wide variety of submissions from a wide variety of peace education practitioners, educators, writers, theorists, and researchers. Possible contributions include scholarly research and reports, professional development materials, lesson plans, personal reflections and narratives, creative writing, multimedia resources, book reviews, and visual art. Please keep in mind that your work will be reviewed using the scholarly peer review process.

If you are interested in submitting your work for possible inclusion in this upcoming issue of the Voice of Teachers, please use the following online form. The deadline to submit your work is January 31st, 2011. Please ensure that your submission does not include your name or professional affiliation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. We are looking forward to receiving your submissions.

Konrad Glogowski
Director of Programs

Pepsi Refresh Project (and you) Can Help Peer Mediators

The Mediator Mentors project in Fresno California has entered into the Pepsi Refresh challenge. This note just arrived from Pam Lane-Garon encouraging folks to vote to help grow 60 university/school conflict resolution partnerships.

Please consider voting for our project on Pepsi Refresh.
Thank you!

You can find other worthy projects as well by searching the site.

Opportunity to Help Develop New Program Degrees

I read about the great opportunity to assist in the creation of a “How to” manual on key topics in the development or expansion process for degree or certificate programs in Conflict, Peace or Justice Studies. The manual is a work in progress and is currently being shared electronically as a series of pdf downloads in this section of the website:

The piece is a working document and we are looking for contributions of Chapters for the manual. If you have direct experience in in topics such as: Credit vs. Non-credit courses, Strategies For Faculty Development, Career Options for Students, Developing a Traditional Academic Program- or any one of the topics listed in the article, please see the contributors guide (chapter outlines and descriptions) for additional information on how to contribute a Chapter at:

Share Your CR Day Experiences and Suggestions!

A great way to share your experiences about CR Day this year and make suggestions for CR Day 2010 is to blog! This short (less than 5 minute) video at: explains the process of becoming a blogger for the CRETE Project.

By blogging you can share new ideas, valuable information, trade short takes about what works and ultimately enhance the CR Day experience with a Global audience.

While you are blogging, be sure to check out prior posts for up-to-date-information on many interesting topics! Happy Blogging!

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Turn Spotlight on Need for Education of Children in Conflict

Here are a selection of quotes from Nobel Peace Prize winners speaking on the importance of education for peace. From a post at Save the

“Education provided must be relevant and of high quality – and should teach students the skills of non-violent conflict resolution and help them develop a vision for a just and peaceful world, a world without war, a world where war has in fact become obsolete.”
Ingeborg Breines, Vice-President
Permanent International Peace Bureau, Nobel Peace Prize, 1910

Giving the children the opportunity to learn, write and rewrite their future with a leitmotif of peace calls for broad-based action – for the seeds of peace to grow in the minds of children, many hands have to plant water and nurture them.
Juan Somavia, Director-General
International Labour Organization, Nobel Peace Prize, 1969

Education is a virtue for many reasons, and is the ver y basis of human progress. It is also among the most powerful tools we have for building sturdy foundations of peace. I commend the invaluable efforts of UN partners such as Save the Children, and welcome efforts to “rewrite the future” and ensure that children and youth throughout the world receive the quality education that is their birthright.
Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General
United Nations, Nobel Peace Prize 1998 and 2001

A better understanding of each other and a willingness to accommodate inevitable differences through direct communication or mediation can almost always lead to peace. Our children, with their inherent innocence and idealism, can be a driving force in seeking this goal.
President Jimmy Carter
Nobel Peace Prize laureate 2002

The old adage ‘education is easy carried’ is so true. It gives one a sense of dignity, of feeling in control of one’s own life. Lack of education can lead to frustration, anger, violence, a sense of alienation and a society storing up problems for the future, when its citizens feel that their right to a good education, and subsequently, being able to obtain employment and fulfilment, is beyond their reach.
Mairead Maguire
Nobel Peace Prize laureate 1976

We must learn to resolve the conflicts that we have… the discord, the discrimination, the racism, the exclusion. We can’t aspire to peace if we don’t have harmony with others… Our youth are no longer going to be intolerant, racist or discriminatory but who enthusiastically want to be diverse, multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual Guatemalans.
Rigoberta Menchu Tum
Nobel Peace Prize laureate 1992

The twenty-first century, for children neglected, abandoned, humiliated and sacrificed, should bring safety and joy for humankind and the future. As always, achieving this will depend not only on children but on us, on our generous and enthusiastic support, so their future becomes one full of love, of life and of warmth. And of peace – the greatest of victories.
Elie Wiesel
Nobel Peace Prize laureate 1986

The education of war has long traditions, compared to the traditions of peace education… There is an evident need in the whole world to increase both the effort given, as well as the level of ambition regarding, the results of peace education… Focussing only on children in peace education is merely a gesture of our own powerlessness and unwillingness to change our global beliefs. This means developing new ways to cooperate with societies, teachers, adults and parents.
Professor Vappu Taipale, Co-President
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Nobel Peace Prize 1985

You can also read the letter (pdf with signatures) and the full selection of statements (pdf).

Harmony Island Game – Anybody Testing It?

Academic Edge Inc. developed an intriguing conflict resolution game for middle and high school age youth called Harmony Island. They were inviting classrooms to participate in additional research on the product, giving away free site licenses to participant schools. Has anybody taken them up on this offer? Looks like a good opportunity if it is still in effect.

HarmonyIsland.jpg width=311 height=217