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We’ve gathered more than a 100 videos related to conflict resolution in education. Recently added items are presented on this page. To dig deeper, use the search tool or use the pagination at the bottom of the page to move through the collection 6 videos at a time.

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Workable Peace Teacher Guide Video

An overview of the Workable Peace Curriculum in action. Workable Peace integrates the study of intergroup conflict and the development of crucial civic and social skills into social studies and humanities classes. A decade in development and classroom testing, Workable Peace was developed by the Consensus Building Institute (CBI) and the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. The Workable Peace Curriculum Units consist of a series of seven curriculum guides for secondary schools and youth programs. Each Curriculum Unit reflects core concepts and content in State and National curriculum standards. They have been been successfully used by middle and high schools across the United States and internationally, as well as by post-secondary institutions ranging from community colleges to the graduate level.

Link to it here.

Recess Redone – The Power of Play

This video demonstrates the “before and after” effect when safe, fun playtime is introduced in the schoolyard. A trained Playworks coach teaches and runs games designed to build leadership and foster teamwork.

Link to it here.

Power of Peace Network Introduction

The Power of Peace Network web site is supported by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and acts as a portal for people skilled in working with media to interact with peace-related issues in their local area and also learn about what other countries are facing.

Link to it here.

Elementary Students Using Their Playground Peace Bridge

At North Boulevard Elementary School in Pequannock Township in New Jersey, 1st graders learn to resolve conflict with the help of a “peace bridge.” This short clip is an out-take from a weekly show called Classroom Closeup, NJ. See the full episode here.

Link to it here.

Conflict Resolution in Educational Institutions – Warters Webinar archive

Conflict is a marvelous learning opportunity because it requires people to adjust their habitual ways of acting in response to the conflict they are encountering. In this session we explore the various ways that educational institutions are working with and learning from conflict when it emerges. We examine both K-12 and higher education environments with an aim to understand the different types of practice that are common. We review some ways to access free teaching and learning materials tailored specifically to educational settings.

About the Presenter: Bill Warters, Ph.D. is a faculty member in the Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution Program offered by Wayne State University’s Department of Communication. He developed and manages the Conflict Resolution Education Connection (www.creducation.org) and the Conflict Management in Higher Education Resource Center (www.campus-adr.org). He is author of Mediation in the Campus Community: Designing and Managing Effective Programs published by Jossey Bass Press. Bill received the William J. Kreidler Award for distinguished service to the field from the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) Education Section.

Link to it here.

In the Harmony

A short musical video using puppets that promotes getting along despite differences. Aimed at preschool through 3rd grade.

Link to it here.

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