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We’ve gathered more than a 100 videos related to conflict resolution in education. Recently added items are presented on this page. To dig deeper, use the search tool or use the pagination at the bottom of the page to move through the collection 6 videos at a time.

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Conflict of Friends

This 5-minute video captures a conflict that develops between two middle school friends. It was developed by middle school filmmakers at Brooklyn Friends School for an annual video production competition known as the Bridge Festival.

Link to it here.

Conflict Resolution — Thinking It Through

This short trailer presents part of a PBS “In the Mix” episode on solutions to school violence. Shown is a high school student group participating in a conflict resolution workshop led by an experienced facilitator and social worker who encourages them develop their own solutions. After each student describes a recent conflict with a friend or family, they explore ways they commonly handle conflicts?avoiding, confronting, or problem solving and communication? One student points out that conflict can be an opportunity to strengthen relationships if dealt with properly; however it is difficult. The facilitator then helps them understand basic communication skills, including how to use “I” messages to open a discussion and what it takes to be a good listener. See another clip here – Learning How to Express — Not Explode!

Link to it here.

How to Teach Math as a Social Activity

This video from Edutopia shows how one Alaskan math teacher is combining Social Emotional Learning skills development with the teaching of math in his upper elementary classroom.

Link to it here.

Another Bully Busters Song

A song performed by storyteller Debbie Dunns aimed to let bullies know it is NOT okay to bully, teach witnesses what to do should they see a bully bullying, and tricks that victims should utilize to help them become bully free. (This song is sung to the tune of Sipping Cider Through A Straw learned at Camp Sky Wa Mo, a Girl Scouts camp, back when the presenter Debbie Dunns was a girl.)

Link to it here.

Restorative Justice Arts Initiative

Restorative Justice is a peaceful conflict resolution tool that has been implemented in many schools in central Michigan. The Central Michigan Restorative Justice Initiative asked the students they work with to create pieces of art that focus on Restorative Justice. This is a presentation of that artwork.

Link to it here.

Restorative Justice: It’s Elementary

A five-minute video on the Restorative Justice Elementary Initiative being implemented in Lansing, MI schools.

Link to it here.

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