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Learning Modules to Support CRE Instruction

As this site develops to full capacity, we will be adding a collection of “Learning Objects” that provide instruction or information on specific topics of interest to our visitors. See the sidebar on the right for the topic areas we will focus on. These modules of content will be prepared in a way that makes it easy for instructors to import them into a broad range of learning management systems such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and others.

Recent Additions

Bullying Prevention

Managing and Resolving Conflicts Effectively in Schools and Classrooms (developed by the National Training and Technical Assistance Center for Drug Prevention and School Safety Coordinators)

Class Meetings (new version!)

Problem Solving Skills and Strategies

Emotional Awareness and Conflict Resolution

Understanding Soft versus Firm Limits

Interpersonal Skills: Communicating Respect vs Disrespect

The Maligned Wolf – a Forest Encounter

As a specific example of what we are talking about in terms of various versions of the same content, consider this short module on Using Classroom Meetings (Version 1). It is available online for browsing, and for download in a variety of packages compliant with the major online learning systems.

Formats Available for the Classroom Meetings Module (Version 1)

How To Use Classroom Meetings (as zipped folder of html files – same as the online version but portable to your server)

How to Use Classroom Meetings as a Blackboard Course Module (zip file)

How to Use Classroom Meetings as a SCORM 1.2-compliant Learning Object (zip file)

How to Use Classroom Meetings as a SCORM 2004-compliant Learning Object (zip file)