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Glossary of CRE-Related Terms

Our browseable glossary of terms related to conflict resolution in education provides quick access to terms you may hear used in the field.

Another useful tool for understanding more general education-related terms is the ERIC thesaurus.

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  • Mood repair
    Definition: the ability to help oneself feel better when experiencing a negative emotion
    Related term(s): Self-calming
  • Multiple emotions
    Definition: experiencing more than one emotion at the same time
  • Multiple intelligences
    Definition: seven areas of intelligence: linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal
  • Negative inner scripts
    Definition: internal negative conversations we imagine and rehearse about negative emotional experiences and interactions
  • Neutral communication
    Definition: Defensive communication that makes it seem you are completely unconcerned and unaffected by the conflict. Suggests you don't care.
  • Neutrality
    Definition: In mediation, trying to make sure you do not take sides or have a vested interest in the conflict outcome
    Related term(s): impartiality
  • Noncontact cultures
    Definition: cultures that prefer the visual mode of communication and have a greater need for individual space, e.g. North American, Asian, and Northern European nations
  • Nonverbal communication
    Definition: communication without words
    Related term(s): Body language
  • Opening Statement
    Definition: The opening comments of a mediator in which the mediator explains mediation and the role of the mediator
  • Optimism
    Definition: an orientation that expects positive things, believing the causes of bad things are temporary and good things are permanent
  • Over-generalizing
    Definition: A perceptual bias where we see people as being similar overall because they are similar in one or two ways
  • Person perception
    Definition: making sense of others
  • Personal space
    Definition: the invisible bubble of space we protect in interactions
  • Physical aggression
    Definition: using physical force against others
    Related term(s): Physical violence
  • Positions
    Definition: In negotiation and bargaining the outcomes we want, the things we want to get
    Related term(s): Desired outcomes
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