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Glossary of CRE-Related Terms

Our browseable glossary of terms related to conflict resolution in education provides quick access to terms you may hear used in the field.

Another useful tool for understanding more general education-related terms is the ERIC thesaurus.

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  • Reframing
    Definition: we change the interpretation of an event or communication, we take threatening information or events and see something positive in it or vice versa
  • Regulators
    Definition: the nonverbal communication behaviors that function as ",traffic signals",, vocal and gestural actions that control the flow of interactive speech
    Related term(s): Turn-taking behavior
  • Relational bids
    Definition: a meta-message that proposes how we define the relationship and how we define self and other in that relationship
    Related term(s): Meta-messages
  • Resistance point
    Definition: In bargaining, the worst outcome you will accept and still settle
    Related term(s): Bottom-line
  • Retrospective goals
    Definition: How we see our goals in conflict after the conflict has been managed - hindsight
  • Reward/coercion power
    Definition: Influence we have because we have the ability to reward or punish someone
  • Saving face
    Definition: preserving our image or face we present after we have perceived a threat to or attack against that face
  • Secondary appraisals
    Definition: In Lazarus' theory of emotions, the appraisals or judgments we make about whether someone is to blame and how well we can cope with the event
  • Secondary emotions
    Definition: blends of primary emotions, more complex, less comparable cross-culturally
    Related term(s): Blended emotions
  • Self-concept
    Definition: knowing who you are and what makes you different from others
    Related term(s): identity
  • Self-esteem
    Definition: the level of confidence and satisfaction you have with your self-concept
  • Self-serving bias
    Definition: A perceptual bias we have when we give ourselves credit for the good things but blame the situation or other people for the bad things
  • Self-soothing
    Definition: an emotion management strategy that helps one feel better, moving from an emotionally negative to an emotionally positive state
    Related term(s): Mood repair
  • Settlement range
    Definition: In bargaining, the difference between your target point and your resistance point
  • Sex
    Definition: refers to the biological classification of a particular person (male/female)
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