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Glossary of CRE-Related Terms

Our browseable glossary of terms related to conflict resolution in education provides quick access to terms you may hear used in the field.

Another useful tool for understanding more general education-related terms is the ERIC thesaurus.

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  • Verbal recognition
    Definition: a confirming behavior in which we make a statement that lets the other person know we see them and ",welcome", them
  • Vocal paralanguage
    Definition: the non-textual elements of speech
    Related term(s): Voice quality
  • Vocalizations
    Definition: the nonverbal features of speech that replace or qualify the verbal message
  • Voice qualities
    Definition: all the nonverbal features of speech not directly related to the verbal message
  • Withdrawal/avoidance
    Definition: a conflict resolution style in which one deals with conflict by physically or psychologically avoiding the conflict
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