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Glossary of CRE-Related Terms

Our browseable glossary of terms related to conflict resolution in education provides quick access to terms you may hear used in the field.

Another useful tool for understanding more general education-related terms is the ERIC thesaurus.

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  • Classroom meetings
    Definition: Having students in a class convene for a discussion of issues or activity.
    Related term(s): Morning meetings, advisories
  • Classroom rules
    Definition: Specific rules for behavior in a classroom, usually created by teacher and students
    Related term(s): Classroom agreements
  • Co-mediation
    Definition: A mediation process in which two mediators work together
  • Co-mediator
    Definition: One of the team of mediators in co-mediation - usually the one that is less in charge of the mediation
  • Cognitive perspective taking
    Definition: being able to understand how a person sees a situation, what his or her needs and interests are in that situation
  • Collaborative strategies
    Definition: conflict management strategies in which concern for the self and the other fully merge, and conflicts are seen as residing within the relationship, thus, only mutually satisfying solutions are acceptable
    Related term(s): Win-win approaches
  • Collectivistic cultures
    Definition: cultures that encourage interdependence among members, teaching them the importance of allegiance to in-groups, that provide continued protection in exchange for loyalty
    Related term(s): Tribal cultures
  • Communication
    Definition: the process of constructing meaning through the sharing of thoughts, ideas, feelings, and information with others
  • Communication resources
    Definition: communication behaviors, skills and competencies that help us accomplish what we want to communicatively
  • Communication-facilitation
    Definition: A mediator strategy that uses search for information, instruction, and supportive communication to uncover the nature of the conflict
  • Communicative competence
    Definition: learning to achieve language skills and nonverbal skills that promote social interaction, such as making friends and dealing with conflict
  • Competing/forcing
    Definition: a conflict resolution style that is win-lose, shows a strong concern for the self but a low concern for the other
    Related term(s): Win-lose approach to conflict
  • Compliment
    Definition: a confirming behavior, a way of endorsing someone by saying something positive about him or her
  • Compromising
    Definition: a conflict resolution style that involves splitting the difference or a give and take approach, shows a moderate concern for self and a moderate concern for other
    Related term(s): 50-50 approach to conflict management
  • Concessions
    Definition: Giving a little on an issue in bargaining to try and come to an agreement
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