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3rd Edition Conflict Resolution Education Activity Calendar now available

We are pleased to announce that the 3rd Edition of the Conflict Resolution Education Activity Calendar (starting with September 2011) is now available. A heartfelt thanks goes out to our talented volunteer editorial team from MappingChange.com and the Conflict Resolution Program at the University of Delaware. You can view the 2011-2012 calendar online or grab a smartboard-friendly pdf copy with active weblinks.

Hard copies can be ordered online from the Association for Conflict Resolution or by using this form. Individuals and schools and youth serving organizations qualify to receive free calendars (1 per individual or 5-pack for educational orgs) and everyone is invited to sponsor the distribution of calendars by donating $15 for a 5-pack to be sent to yourself or a deserving organization. Help “Spread the CREd” today!
calendar cover image