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4th Animations for Peace Award – (Spain)

The aim of the Animations for Peace Award is to create a compilation of animated films related with peace culture and to promote awareness on peace education. This year’s slogan is, “We create peace day by day.” The award has two modalities (Spot, for animations of 1 minute maximum and Short, for animations of 1 minute minimum) and two categories (Junior, for people under 18, and Senior, for people who are 18 or above). There’s also the Public award. Winners will be included in a DVD that will be published on the Internet and on TV, and exhibited in cinema and animation festivals. The economic prize is of 300 Euros for the Spot category, of 600 Euros for Shorts and 200 Euros for the Public award. Works in all languages will be accepted, with subtitles in at least one of the following languages: Catalan, Spanish, English. The deadline for submissions is May 30, 2012. Get more details at the Peace Award Website.