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Celebrate Conflict Resolution Day

The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) has designated every third Thursday of October as Conflict Resolution Day in order to increase public awareness about conflict resolution and its many benefits. This idea, which began at the grassroots level in October 2005, has grown into an international celebration of conflict resolution with wide participation. For the details see: www.acrnet.org/crday

Successful Ideas to Build On:
• Recognize conflict resolution leaders and/or volunteers in your community.
• Sponsor a day of cooperative games for peer mediators and the public.
• Have your students create a puppet show exploring ways to deal with conflict peacefully.
• Have students nominate fellow student peacemakers in their grade. Honor these peacemakers on Conflict Resolution Day.
• Organize a film festival that highlights conflict resolution. Afterward, discuss peaceful conflict resolution strategies. Many popular children’s movies and television shows already explore such themes.
• Create a mini-retreat! Dedicate part of Conflict Resolution Day to addressing common sources of conflict through workshops and group activities in class.
• Host an art or t-shirt contest. Have students create artwork or t-shirts reflecting the theme of conflict and peaceful conflict resolution. Work with community partners at art galleries, libraries or museums to display the winning entries.
• Adopt a Conflict Resolution Day proclamation, or have students write individual pledges. Have your school peer mediation group, your Student Council or another group of student leaders draft and adopt a Conflict Resolution Day Proclamation. Have students sign their pledge and display it prominently in school corridors.
• Host a Mock Mediation for the public, policymakers, elected officials, community leaders/organizations, or school personnel.

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