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Conflict Resolution Style Animals

Five very different styles for resolving conflict are common, each with it’s own preferred approach toward handling conflict. Exploring these styles is a good activity for a variety of different age groups. Here’s the basic styles and commonly associated animals:

Avoidance (I Leave)– Turtle or Ostrich;
Competing/Forcing (I Take Charge)– Lion or Shark;
Accommodating (I Give in)– Chameleon or Teddy Bear;
Compromising (We Meet Half-Way)– Zebra or Fox;
Collaborating (We Both Win)– Dolphin or Owl;

Activity Idea: Learn the characteristics of each style and an associated animal image. Discuss why this is an appropriate image? What other animals could have been chosen? (NOTE: Wildlife posters, stuffed animals, masks or puppets are all good visual aids. Having each student make a mask or puppet of a style can be a fun art project.

Another activity idea: divide the class into five groups. Privately assign a different conflict style to each group. Have each group make up an original skit which illustrates the style assigned to their group. Have each group perform their skit and the remainder of the class identify the conflict style portrayed.

Take a Conflict Resolution Style Quiz
There is a free, age adjusted conflict styles quiz that can be taken online or downloaded for printing from the Peace and Justice Support Network of the Mennonite Church. Find it at: peace.mennolink.org/resources/conflictyouth/

Source: Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution

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