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FUN Charts – Human Needs Activity

Objective: To see how people find different ways to meet the same needs
Type of Activity: Small group Discussion;
Time: 20+ minutes;
Materials: One handout with two columns titled, “Everyone in our group has fun doing this” and “Some people in our group have fun doing this;”
Make a poster of the Universal Human Needs list (http://snipurl.com/humanneeds)

1. Display a Needs List and talk about the need for FUN.
2. Demonstrate for class: Sit in a circle with three volunteers. Say something like, “One way I meet my need for fun is by swimming. Is that fun for you too?” If everyone in the small group says yes, then write it in the column on the handout labeled EVERYONE. If not, write it in the column labeled SOME. Pass the handout to the person next to you in the circle. He says something that is fun for him and repeats the process.
3. Break into groups of 3-5 students each and ask them to follow your demonstration and fill their chart. (Note: Ask them to think of ways they have fun that don’t create problems for others).
4. Meet back in large circle to share what they noticed and what they learned in this activity.

Discussion Options: Make the statement, “We all have the same basic needs. However, the things we choose to do to meet those needs may be different from what others choose”. Ask for examples from their small groups, or use a Venn diagram of overlapping circles to represent the discussion on the board.

Source: Activity is based on one in the book The Compassionate Classroom by Sura Hart and Victoria Kindle Hodson.

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