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Giving Compliments, Acknowledgements, and Appreciations

“Giving Compliments” is the first step in having Class Meetings as described by Jane Nelsen in her book Positive Discipline. Compliments focus on what others do (rather than what they wear or how they look): accomplishments, helpfulness to others, anything someone might feel good about – such as helping to resolve a conflict peacefully. It is good to brainstorm some possible compliments before you do this the first time.

One way to do compliments is to invite one of the participants in a circle to say something they have done for which they would like a compliment.
The person next to them says, “Good Job!” __________ (the person’s name) for _______________ (what the person did.)
The participant receiving the compliment says, “Thank you.”
Then the next person tells the group something for which they want a compliment and this proceeds around the circle.

This is a great activity to use to create a more positive atmosphere in a class.

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