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Making Posters Promoting Conflict Resolution

Creating colorful posters promoting cooperation and conflict resolution can be a great activity.

Here are some peaceful slogans to work with:

Friends Stick Together Like Glue
Don’t Fight, Do What Is Right
Don’t Let Your Temper Explode
Don’t Lose Your Cool
Be Honest And Sincere
Fighting Only Brings Tears
Be A Glamorous Person Fight Fair
Be A Hero Not A Bully
Forgive And Forget
Don’t Horse Around And Make Excuses
Tackle The Problem, Not The Person
Hands Are For Helping, Not Hurting
Don’t Put Others Down
The Blame Game Won’t Get You Anywhere
Hitting Isn’t Cool
Attack The Problem, Not The Person
Be Smart, Don’t Start Fighting
Don’t Be Cruel To Others
Don’t Wreck Your Friendship
Don’t Be A Bully
Be A Friend To The End
Be Nice About Solving Problems
Keep Cool, Don’t Be A Fool
Respect People’s Property
Stop In The Name Of Peace

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