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Observation Buddies

This is activity that you can use to help evaluate class participation and at the same time be teaching observation skills and watching the dynamics in mediation. Remember, it’s not always what they say but how their non-verbal messages are coming across as well.

Assign each student a partner to observe. Their task is to observe the three specific skills identified below and evaluate on a scale of 1 to 4 their partner’s effectiveness. The partner does not know who their observation buddy is. At the end of the week, they will receive their evaluation sheet so that they can make improvements in their non-verbal/leadership skills.

SCALE for Scoring

2 OK

Listening ____
Eye contact
Not talking while another is
No side conversations
Quality input, helping the subject
Focus on speaker
Not distracting

Group Dynamics ____
Appropriate comments
Engaged or distracting
New groupings
Helpful or hurtful
Makes Connections
“Golden Rule”

Leadership ____
Follow through
Risk Taking
…give your opinion
…make connections
Problem Solving
Trouble Shooting
Positive Role Model

Source: Fairfax County Public Schools

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