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Political Posters (POV)

Points of View can be hard to see when obscured with emotion. This often is the case in conflicts about politics, religion or issues of morality. Having skills to deconstruct a conflict to reveal the needs, values and beliefs underneath all sides of an issue is a critical skill for resolving any conflict. It is especially important for citizens in a democracy.

In this activity, assign students to study a political or moral issue and have them analyze at least two opposing points of view. To fully understand these points of view, encourage students to research the subject including interviewing real people and reading relevant editorials.

Next, have students create a poster for each POV – capturing the key points. Then, have them use the poster as a visual aid as they take turns explaining the needs, beliefs or values it represents. Make sure that students/participants understand that they aren’t supposed to explain what they think about the issue, but to provide an objective and fair account of the POV of others.

Source: Gwen DeWar, PhD.

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