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Quick Decision Role Play

Here is a chance to practice the assertive speaking, active listening and creative problem solving skills that you have been teaching/learning over the past several months. For each of the following role plays, name the two characters in a role play (see below) and have paired participants choose roles. Read the conflict scenario involving the two characters and tell participants they have 3 minutes to role play it. When the time is up, go around the circle and have participants demonstrate for the class their I-messages, their active listening and the proposed solution.


  • Two children: Two children are fighting over a pencil. One accuses the other of stealing the pencil. The accused says she brought the pencil from home.
  • Teacher and student: Money has been stolen from a teacher’s desk. A student named Pat was in the office alone just before the teacher noticed the money missing.
  • Two students: Two boys are shooting hoops at lunch. One accuses the other of hogging the ball.
  • Teacher and student: Halfway through directions for the lesson, the teacher notices that one child is not writing anything. The teacher notices the child does not have a pencil. This has happened several times before.
  • Teacher and student: School rules forbid talking during fire drills. One student sees water on the floor and warns the others. The teacher hears the student talking and reprimands her in front of everyone.

Discuss how participants felt in their roles. Ask which of the different solutions they liked the best or which solution was the most respectful of everyone or the best nonviolent solution.

Source: Adapted from The Friendly Classroom for a Small Planet, Prutzman, et.al

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