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Setting the Tone For the Year

Conflict Resolution Education Ideas in the Classroom:

  1. Plan community building activities. The activities can focus on themes of understanding emotions, communication, diversity and more. (see Diversity Bingo)
  2. Set expectations. Develop classroom rules together using posi- tive language. Discuss consequences if rules aren’t followed. Follow through. (See Classroom Rules Revisited)
  3. Use cooperative learning groups and ask the Physical Education teacher to introduce some cooperative games. (See June activities)
  4. Establish a problem solving process and introduce students to how to use it in interpersonal conflicts. Set aside a table or corner of the room as a cool off corner and as the problem solving area. Post rules and the process, and remind students to follow it. Train students to act as mediators, if necessary. (see Conflict Resolution Protocol link)
  5. Introduce students to daily or weekly class meetings for commu- nity building, teachable moments, planning, and problem solving. Have a way (such as suggestion box) where students can submit their ideas.
  6. Allow students to express their feelings through daily check ins, regular evaluations of activities, and self-evaluations.
  7. Teach listening and have students practice in pairs so the teacher is not always the focal point of listening.
  8. And always, encourage students and acknowledge their postive traits and contributions.

Source: Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution

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