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Sing-along: Get Steady

The following choral reading is from Kathleen Cochran’s early childhood curriculum called “A Community of Learners” from Creative Response to Conflict. The numbers at the beginning of the lines are to use if you want to have a choral reading; divide the class into four groups and have each group read their numbered lines. Follow-up activity: After the chant read Best Day of the Week by Nancy Carlsson Paige and find the place in the story where Angela “got steady.”

Get Steady
1 When your heart beats fast
1 And your feelings start to boil,
2 Don’t shove,
3 Don’t shout,
4 Get steady.

2 When you’re so upset
2 You can hardly speak,
4 Don’t give up,
1 Don’t give in,
3 Get steady.

4 You can take a deep breath,
1 You can count to ten,
3 Make a picture
3 In your mind,
2 And calm down!
4 You know you can

Source: Kathleen Cochran and Creative Response to Conflict

Recommended to calendar by: Marsha Blakeway, who reports this is a popular activity with the second graders at Maury Elementary School in Washington, D.C.

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