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Spider Web – To Reconnect in the New Year

This activity gives participants practice with paraphrasing and active listening.

Sit on the floor in one large circle. Explain that everyone will share his/her name and something about himself/herself. Give everyone a minute to privately prepare a response.

Have one person start by sharing his/her name and something about himself/herself. Then have the student hold on to the end of a ball of yarn and roll it to another person in the circle.

The person who catches the ball of yarn restates the name of the person who rolled them the yarn and what the first person shared about himself/herself. Then this second person states his/her own name, something about himself/herself and rolls the ball of yarn to the next person, holding on to their part of the yarn as they do so.

Have everyone continue this process until all have shared. Optional: With each holding the yarn, stand up/kneel in place to fully reveal the spiderweb. Talk about ways we are connected to one another; how communication strengthens our human web.

Source: CRE Calendar Editorial Team, adapted from a popular CR activity. Original author unknown.

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