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The Power of Nonviolent Communication – a Story

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had a quarrel, as it occasionally happens in a marriage. One word led to another, and suddenly Prince Albert angrily left the bedroom, went to his study, slammed the door and locked it. Queen Victoria ran after him, knocked on the door and demanded, “Open!” There was no answer. She pounded the door with her fist and shouted, “Open at once!!” No answer. She shouted at the top of her voice, “I am the Queen of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, the Empress of India and of the entire British Commonwealth, I am the Commander-in-Chief of all the British armed forces, and I order you hereby to open this door!!!” No answer.

Finally she said in a soft voice, “Albert, I am sorry, I love you and miss you.” The door then opened. This shows that nonviolence can be more powerful than violence.

This is a true story that appeared in a Swiss newspaper many years ago.

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