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Understanding Point of View (POV)

The way one sees, understands, and feels about a situation makes up his/her point of view. Often we make the mistaken assumption that others share or should share our own POV. In reality, we all see and feel in our own unique way. We may not agree with another’s POV. Some of the things that shape our POV’s are:

  • Where and how we have grown up,
  • What experiences we have had,
  • What we have learned from others.

Autograph Exercise: This exercise encourages students to get to know one another and to lay the groundwork for understanding POV’s.

Several days before doing this exercise have each student give you a fact about him/herself that no one else knows and that s/he is willing to share with the group. Type these facts into a numbered list, leaving a blank after each fact with enough room for the owner’s autograph. Make enough copies for everyone.

Pass out the sheets to the students and give them 10 minutes to walk around the room and see how many people they can match with the facts. When they find a match they get that person’s autograph.

Debrief this exercise by asking how many matches were made; if there were any surprises; and what role assumptions played in this exercise.

Source: Excerpted from Conflict, Resolution and Diversity by E.J. DeBenedetti

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