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Don’t Give In to the Drama – Peer Mediation Training Video from Hawaii

In August of 2009 Mediation Services of Maui premiered a new video supporting peer mediation program development. In “Don’t Give In to the Drama,” Maui High School students provide a step-by-step demonstration of mediation with peers. Encouraging commentary is provided by two young narrators explaining key aspects of the process. The video was written and directed by Kim Compoc, Mediation Services of Maui’s youth director, and produced at Maui High. The video is reality based, both in its attention to Hawaii culture and in using situations that the students came up with through brainstorming about their own experiences and observations. It has been posted to YouTube (broken into 4 parts) and will be distributed via DVD to high schools in Maui.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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