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Outside the Box/Inside the Ring: CR Curriculum for Middle School

Outside the Box/Inside the Ring is a free 10-lesson curriculum initially targeted at the middle-school level. It was co-created by Joshua Gordon and Joseph Morrissey and Part of the Solution ADR Services in 2004-2005. The curriculum is designed to be activity driven (as opposed to lectures) and is available for download as a series of pdf files. Non-profits and educators are provided the material for non-commercial, educational use.

Some example lessons include:
Fair Factor: Do you have conflict resolution skills?
What’s up? An introduction to conflict.
Do you speak conflict? Building a common language and sharing experiences.
Dudes, whose shoes? Empathy and Outside the Box thinking.
Say what? How to communicate around conflict.
How can you win when I win?

This Youtube video has been prepared to introduce the curriculum by showing clips of participants in the pilot for the program.

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