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New Diverse Teaching Kit Offered About Bullying

A new teaching kit, named “Bullied” is now being offered via the Teaching Tolerance website at: http://www.tolerance.or/kit/bullied . The film (dvd) “Bullied” is a documentary that chronicles a student’s encounters at the mercy of anti-gay bullies. The kit, which is being offered for free, will be shipped beginning in mid-September. There is an electronic order form on the website. The site indicates it is possible to receive the film in time to use during National Bullying Prevention Month in your classroom (October 2010). The kit includes: the 40 minute documentary film, a two-part viewer’s guide including lesson plans and activities for staff for use in development and access to additional materials online. Please note that the package is designed to assist teachers, administrators and counselors create a safe environment and create an awareness about the issue for all students, not just those who are gay and lesbian. There is a limit of one kit per school.