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Let’s Get Real video addresses bullying via student voices

[url=http://groundspark.org/our-films-and-campaigns/lets-get-real]Let’s Get Real[/url] is a video from GroundSpark (formerly Women’s Educational Media) that takes a look at name-calling and bullying from the point of view of young people themselves. Rather than dealing with the topic purely from a disciplinary perspective, Let’s Get Real allows kids in grades six through nine to speak openly about what it’s like to be targeted, to bully others and to stand up as an ally when they witness harassment. With courage and candor, the students in the film describe the back-stabbing that takes place among popular girls, why the word “faggot” is seen as the “ultimate dis,” and the physical violence that results when taunting goes unchecked. A [url=http://groundspark.org/our-films-and-campaigns/lets-get-real/lgr_clips]series of video clips[/url] are available online, as is the [url=http://groundspark.org/pdfs/lgr_transcript.pdf]full transcript[/url] from the film and a [url=http://groundspark.org/our-films-and-campaigns/lets-get-real/lgr_curric]curriculum guide[/url].

[b]Students profiled in the full film include:[/b]
Gabe: Taunted for being Jewish
Brittany: Victim of vicious gossip
Stephen: Bullies kids at school because his brother bullies him
Zaid: Stands up for a non-English-speaking classmate
Umma: Sees racial tensions as a key source of the problem
Kate: Used to bully other girls to be popular
Brian: Just wants to do anything to get out of it
Jasper: Pushed to the limit
DaÌLaun: Decides to make a change and make new friends
Paola: Finds the courage to help a student in need