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Mixitup 2008-2009 Planner and Activity Guide for Teachers

The Mixitup 2008-2009 planner/calendar from Teaching Tolerance is a great tool for teachers, counselors and administrators to use to help children in schools improve interactions within groups in their classrooms. The activities in the planner provide concrete ideas and formats to help students reduce social boundaries in schools, help students to understand each others cultures and customs and help teachers to promote an inclusive learning environment for all students.

The planner presents activities that support content standards and character education. The planner can be used on a special designated day or all year round. The Table of Contents provides an overview of ideas and lesson plans that can be organized for a lunch time activity or an entire class period. The planner highlights important dates in history, quotes from inspirational figures and also includes extension activities and guidelines as a follow-up to original activities.

If you have a great idea on how to Mixitup at your school, a Grants section at the end of the planner lists information about types of Grants funded, along with application information, conditions and funding limitations for your use. For additional activity ideas, online polls and essay prompts, please visit http://www.tolerance.org/mix-it-up/get-started