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“Out on a Limb, a guide to getting along” supports CRE in elementary education

This instructional website from the University of Illinois Extension is available for teachers in English, Spanish and Arabic. The site and the materials can be used for second through fourth grade students. Second grade students may need a little more hands on assistance. The site includes a teacher’s guide and activities that can be used in school and at home. It is possible that benchmark outcomes can be used in your curriculum to meet standards for learning in third through fifth grade in Social Sciences, Language Arts and in Expression Arts. The teacher’s guide provides excellent background information on Conflict Resolution Theory. Younger children, teachers and parents can use the interactive portion of the website together during daily activities.

The site is comprehensive and could be used for training staff members and youth new to your school’s Conflict Resolution Program. One of the best tools this site offers students is the interactive portion where students can receive feedback instantly about conflict resolution issues occurring in their daily lives. The students can reference the website and enhance their retention while transferring their new skills to everyday life. Here’s a link to the website: http://www.urbanext.illinois.edu/conflict/index.html