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PeaceKidz Manual

I just reviewed the information in the PeaceKidz Project Manual. The Manual is a compiled work of five groups of Conflict Management students at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. The manual is meant to help teachers start their own adventure of learning, educating and inspiring the young people in their classrooms to make informed choices about Conflict Resolution in their lives.

When utilizing the manual the “PeaceKidz Gang” encourages teachers to be self-directed in their learning about the program before they use it. It is important for teachers to make their own decisions about goals and effort of how to build the features of the Project into their curriculum to successfully evaluate progress made after using it. The program is also designed to be Constructivist in nature – teachers are encouraged to listen to the kids, build on everyday experiences in the framework of the lessons and be ready to change and learn new things while delivering the lesson plans.