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Peer Mediation Video Clips from the BBC

The BBC has a large collection of educational video clips, and some of them are of special interest to readers of this blog. A video presenting peer mediation to 5th grade students was clipped to create a few shortened learning videos that might be used in teaching. You can see all three of them via this link.

Here’s the details and links to each one:

What is a peer mediator? – Duration: 02:45
What is a peer mediator? A class of Year Five children explore conflict and how best to deal with it.

What makes a good peer mediator? – Duration: 03:57
Explores what makes a good peer mediator, skills include understanding feelings, not taking sides, knowing how to help and how to listen.

Seeing both sides of a story – Duration: 01:37
Children learn how to support their peers in the playground to find resolutions to conflict.