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Teaching for Good Behavior – free OpenLearn course materials

Readers may not be aware of the wealth of resources made available by The Open University in the United Kingdom. OpenLearn, built on the open source learning platform known as Moodle, provides lots of course materials at no cost. It is definitely worth a visit. One that might interest CREducation.org folks is a course known as Teaching for Good Behaviour. As the introduction explains,

The quality of our teaching inevitably has an impact on the behaviour of our students. This unit considers some of the factors that can contribute to misbehaviour in the classroom and some of the steps that we can take as teachers to re-engage students with the learning process. This unit considers the format of lessons, how lessons are delivered, how to present lesson content in an interesting and creative way, and the development of “engaging lessons”.

Here’s the outline of topics covered:
1. Teaching and behaviour
2. Lesson format
3. Lesson delivery
4. Lesson content
5. Developing ‘engaging’ lessons
References and Acknowledgements