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Below are the most recently added items to our extensive conflict resolution education full-text resources catalog. You can use the pagination at the bottom of the page to see more.

My Peer Mediators Handbook

  • Publisher: SACRO (Safeguarding Communities - Reducing Offending)
  • Author: Fife Community Mediation Service
  • Resource Release Date: 01/01/2008
  • Format: pdf
  • Description: A 15-page booklet designed to support trained peer mediators as they carry out their work. Topics include referrals, the mediation process, suggestions for a mediation service, some guidelines for good… View Full Record
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Facilitating Restorative Group Conferences

  • Publisher: Minnesota Department of Corrections
  • Resource Release Date: 01/01/2003
  • Format: pdf, ppt, doc
  • Description: Facilitating Restorative Group Conferences is a curriculum (6-sessions in length) designed for training volunteer and employed facilitators who will conduct restorative group conferences. It is provided as a set of… View Full Record
  • Direct Access: Click Here

Something is Wrong - Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence

  • Publisher: Project NIA, Chicago Freedom School, Teachers for Social Justice
  • Author: Mariame Kaba, J. Cyriac Mathew, Nathan Haines
  • Resource Release Date: 01/01/2010
  • Format: pdf
  • Description: A 382-page pdf curriculum guide addressing violence in the lives of youth. From the introduction:” The Chicago Freedom School, Project NIA and Teachers for Social Justice have partnered along with… View Full Record
  • Direct Access: Click Here

Training Module for Education for a Culture of Peace

  • Publisher: UNESCO, FAWE
  • Author: Christiana Thorpe
  • Resource Release Date: 01/01/1999
  • Format: pdf
  • Description: This module, released in January 1999, is based on experiences working in Sierra-Leone. It was written to provide some relevant information on practical ideas to enhance women’s traditional conflict resolution… View Full Record
  • Direct Access: Click Here

Peace Education Teacher Training Manual

  • Publisher: Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)
  • Author: Pamela Baxter
  • Resource Release Date: 01/01/2001
  • Format: pdf
  • Description: The INEE Peace Education training program was cooperatively developed, based on generic Peace Education materials developed by UNHCR. A pilot project was developed in the multi-ethnic refugee camps in Kenya. View Full Record
  • Direct Access: Click Here

Teachers Without Borders Dr. Joseph Hungwa Memorial Peace Education Program

  • Publisher: Teachers Without Borders
  • Author: Stephanie Knox Cubbon
  • Resource Release Date: 01/01/2010
  • Format: html
  • Description: This 300+ page guide provides a full professional development curriculum in peace education. It was developed by Teachers Beyond Borders. The goal is to bring Peace Education to new audiences… View Full Record
  • Direct Access: Click Here

Standards for Peace Education

  • Publisher: Florida Center for Public and International Policy
  • Author: Candice Carter
  • Resource Release Date: 01/01/2006
  • Format: pdf
  • Description: 11-page pdf provides a list of recommended standards for students, teachers and teacher educators with respect to peace education. They were developed under the leadership of Dr. Candice C. Carter… View Full Record
  • Direct Access: Click Here

The Zone - Online Conflict Learning Module for Youth by Aik Saath

  • Publisher: Aik Saath
  • Author: Aik Saath
  • Format: html
  • Description: An interactive online learning module focusing on conflict and conflict resolution for young people of diverse backgrounds. Topics include the roots, the conflict, the effects and the resolution. Illustrated with… View Full Record
  • Direct Access: Click Here

Training of Teachers in Areas of Armed Conflict

  • Publisher: Intervention
  • Author: Anica Mikus Kos
  • Resource Release Date: 01/01/2005
  • Format: pdf
  • Description: This 64-page practice manual was written by Dr. Anica Mikus Kos, a pediatrician and child psychiatrist from Slovenia. It was published as a supplement in the online journal Intervention: International… View Full Record
  • Direct Access: Click Here

A Peer Mediation Needs Analysis For Schools

  • Publisher: NSW Department of Education and Training
  • Format: pdf
  • Description: A three-page worksheet providing a series of questions for schools to consider prior to implementing a peer mediation program. View Full Record
  • Direct Access: Click Here

Good Practice Guidelines for Peer Mediation Initiatives

  • Publisher: NSW Department of Education and Training
  • Format: pdf
  • Description: A one-page summary of guidelines for best practice for peer mediation program initiatives. Based on a larger evaluation of Peer Mediation Programs in New South Wales Government Schools published in… View Full Record
  • Direct Access: Click Here

Summary of Core Skills For Conflict Work

  • Publisher: Peaceworkers UK
  • Resource Release Date: 01/01/2007
  • Format: doc
  • Description: Peaceworkers UK developed this detailed description of the Core Skills they consider essential for Conflict Work and the vocational standards associated with them. Core Skill 1: Research Skills… View Full Record
  • Direct Access: Click Here

Ten Lessons for Teaching Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Publisher: Fairfax County Public Schools Student Safety and Wellness Office
  • Author: Joan Packer, Kristen John, Kathleen Pablo, Dan Buescher, Swaim Pessaud, Nancy Colfax, Alayna Woodley, Rachel King, Tim Stehly, Izabela Solosi, Brian McElhaney
  • Resource Release Date: 01/01/2009
  • Format: pdf
  • Description: A teaching packet provided by the Fairfax County Public Schools and the Student Safety and Wellness Office consisting of 10 lessons designed to help students learn conflict resolution skills. Each… View Full Record
  • Direct Access: Click Here

Youth Video Production Guide

  • Publisher: United Religions Initiative
  • Author: Matthew Youde
  • Format: pdf
  • Description: This 4-part video guide was put together for United Religions Initiative (URI) Youth Ambassadors by URI Young Leaders Program Steering Committee member, Matthew Youde, from Wales, UK, who is also… View Full Record
  • Direct Access: Click Here

Ways of Peace - URI Youth 4 Unity Brochure

  • Publisher: United Religions Initiative
  • Author: Youth 4 Unity
  • Format: pdf
  • Description: This illustrated foldable brochure was created by the youth wing of the United Religions Initiative (URI) Peacemakers’ Circle CC in the Philippines – Youth 4 Unity – as a way… View Full Record
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